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Working with nonlinear histories

The History palette’s nonlinear mode gives you the flexibility to go back to prior edit states without losing any of the recent edit states. In this exercise, you’ll set the History palette to nonlinear mode, create three different edit states, and then go back to compare the three states. This way, you won’t have to create a lot of duplicate or merged layers in order to compare your edits.

To compare History edits in nonlinear mode:

  1. Choose History Options from the History palette menu, check Allow Non-Linear History, then click OK.
  2. Perform an edit in your document, then click the state prior to that edit. A–D
  3. Create a new edit or a variation of the first one. Again, click the state prior to the first edit to restore the document to its preedited state (A–D, next page, and A–B, page 90).
  4. Create a third edit. All three edits will be listed on the History palette. Click each edit state to compare them, then click the one you prefer and continue working on your document.

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