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Pop Color

Not all photo edits need to be subtle. With a digital canvas, all sorts of effects are possible. The tools in the Effects category apply more severe changes to your photos.

Pop Color lets you isolate a color and make the rest of the image grayscale. You can also tint the color you popped for a bit of added artistic effect.

  1. Click the Pop Color tool in the sidebar. Photoshop Express analyzes the image and provides buttons for the colors that appear the most (Figure 4.39).
    Figure 4.39

    Figure 4.39 Pop Color.

  2. Click the button corresponding to the color you want to keep; the rest of the image will be made grayscale.

    To be more specific about the color you want to highlight, simply click anywhere within the image to sample that color.

  3. Once a color is selected, edit tiles appear that offer to apply tinted versions of the popped color (Figure 4.40). Click a tile to add the tint, or click the Save button (the green checkbox).
    Figure 4.40

    Figure 4.40 Pop Color with tinted tiles.

Show All Colors

When the Show All Colors box is checked, the image retains all of its colors—instead of making everything else grayscale—and gives you the option to tint objects.

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