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Welcome to Visual QuickStart month at Peachpit Press!

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Welcome to Visual QuickStart month at Peachpit Press!

From the beginning, our Visual QuickStart Guides have been a hit with readers everywhere, and their popularity - like the topics the guides cover - just keeps growing. Savvy users turn to our VQS series because it solves a modern conundrum: People want to keep up with the latest technology, but don't have a lot of time to devote to learning complex programs.

Now our best-selling line, the VQS series owes its success in large part to those guides that cover traditional graphic design programs, such as Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and Illustrator. And these are the books we celebrate with Designer's Week.

Look for this display in your local bookstores. It's packed with all our popular Visual QuickStart Guides so you can find the titles you need.

Designer's Week Features

Teachers are some of the Visual QuickStart series' biggest fans.

And it's no wonder, given the way our VQSes have beginners up and running with their own projects in no time.

Type is the bread and butter of the design world.

Though text may not have the glamour of graphics, how you present the words on a page directly affects how your readers perceive the information. To help ensure your message is being heard loud and clear, we've excerpted the best tips and tricks from our Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and Illustrator Visual QuickStart Guides, bringing you a new lesson each day.

• Day one: How to create an editable type layer in Photoshop 5

• Day two: How to rotate type/edit a type layer/render type into pixels in Photoshop 5

• Day three: How to create a new style sheet in QuarkXPress 4

• Day four: How to edit a style sheet in QuarkXPress 4

• Day five: How to slant a block of type in Illustrator 7

Plus: Keyboard shortcuts to the most common features in Photoshop 5, QuarkXPress 4 , and Illustrator 7.

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