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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Menu Module Parameters

Menu module parameters control how a menu module appears on your site and works with your template. From the parameter settings, you control the menu style and name, whether the menu has submenus, and so on. This section covers an overview of the Menu Module parameter settings.

To access the menu module parameters:

  1. Choose Extensions > Module Manager.

    The Module Manager opens with a list of all modules created or installed on your site.

  2. Click the Main Menu link to open the Module Editor.
  3. Click the arrow next to Module Parameters to expand the Module Parameters panel.

    The Module Parameters panel is where you can change your parameter settings. You won’t be changing any of these settings right now (Figure 4.23).

    Figure 4.23

    Figure 4.23 Menu module basic parameters

  4. Click the arrow next to Advanced Parameters to expand the Advanced Parameters panel.

    These parameters are used for XHTML and CSS coding purposes and will be covered in Chapter 9, “Creating Joomla Templates” (Figure 4.24).

    Figure 4.24

    Figure 4.24 Menu module Advanced parameters

  5. Click the arrow next to Other Parameters.

    The Other Parameter settings are for menus that contain submenus (Figure 4.25).

    Figure 4.25

    Figure 4.25 Menu module Other parameters

    These parameters are discussed later in the chapter as you create more menu modules.

  6. Click Close to exit the screen.
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