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Printing with Photoshop Elements and Your Inkjet Printer

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Tim Daly shows you how to get professional results with Photoshop Elements and your inkjet printer.
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Print interface essentials

If you can drive the printer software with confidence, you’ll make fewer mistakes and always get top-quality output.

Choose a printer in Page Setup

The first step you need to make before printing is to select File > Page Setup, until the dialog box shown at left appears. In the Format for drop-down menu, choose the printer that you want to target.

Understanding the importance of Paper Size

Once you have selected a printer in the Page Setup dialog, an Epson Stylus Photo 2100 in the example above, the options in the Paper Size drop-down menu change. Now, all the printer’s standard sizes display, along with further options for using roll paper feed or printing with a CD tray attachment.

The Print window

The paper size chosen in Page Setup will be displayed as the white background page in the Print menu, as shown above. Every image you choose to print will now be displayed in proportion to this paper size.

The Print preview

After you select a File > Print command, your image will be displayed in a tiny preview window, so you can see if it’s in the right orientation and proportion, as shown left. In this example, the image exceeds the paper size on both the right and left edges.

Rotating the image

To solve the above problem, click on either of the tiny flip icons, as shown left. This command will rotate your image to fit into the shape and orientation of your chosen paper size.

Rotating the print paper

If the orientation is incorrect—for example, if you are trying to make a letter-sized image print sideways—click either of the icons, as shown left, to rotate the print paper. This will overide any previous orientation settings that you’ve chosen in the Page Setup dialog.

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