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From the author of Step 4: Creating a Freeze Frame

Step 4: Creating a Freeze Frame

Once you have the two markers in place on the Timeline, you can use the first marker to set the point where the object stops moving, using the Freeze function. Don't be put off by the initial result of applying this effect; it's only the first step in creating the enchanted object. Other steps are needed to complete the effect.

Task: Create a Freeze Frame by following these steps:

  1. Return the CTI to the start of the Timeline by pressing the Page Up key on your keyboard.
  2. Move the CTI to the Stop point marker (it should be the first marker on the Timeline) by holding down Ctrl and pressing the right-arrow key on your keyboard.
  3. With the CTI at the first marker point, stop the object by clicking the Freeze Frame button, just under the Monitor panel (see Figure 14).
  4. When the Freeze Frame box appears, click Insert in Movie (see Figure 15). A bitmap of that frame will be created with a duration of five seconds and placed by default on the Main_Video track (see Figure 16).
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