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Making snapshots of history states

A snapshot is like a copy of a history state, with one major difference: Unlike a state, a snapshot remains on the panel for the current editing session, even if you delete the state from which it was created. You can click a snapshot thumbnail at any time to restore your document to that stage of editing. Take note: All snapshots (and states) are deleted when you close your document.

You should get in the habit of creating snapshots periodically as you work, and certainly before running any actions on your document. To create snapshots manually, follow one of the methods below. In Method 2, you’ll be able to choose whether the snapshot will be made from the full document, from merged layers, or from just the current layer.

To create a snapshot of a state: Method 1 (without choosing options)

  1. On the History panel, history-panel-tool.jpg click the state that you want to create a snapshot of.
  2. If the Show New Snapshot Dialog by Default option is off in the History Options dialog, click the New Snapshot button at the bottom of the History panel. history-panel-tool-a.jpg If the aforementioned dialog option is on, Alt-click/Option-click the New Snapshot button. A new snapshot thumbnail will appear below the last snapshot in the upper section of the panel.A Click the last state on the panel to resume editing.

Method 2 (choosing options)

  1. Optional: To create a snapshot of a layer, click that layer on the Layers panel.
  2. Right-click/Control-click a history state and choose New Snapshot. The New Snapshot dialog opens.
  3. Type a Name for the snapshot.
  4. Choose a From option:
    • Full Document creates a snapshot from all the layers on the Layers panel and is useful if you want to preserve all the edits at a particular stage of your document.
    • Merged Layers merges all the visible layers on the Layers panel at that state into the snapshot.
    • Current Layer makes a snapshot from only the currently selected layer in its current editing state.
  5. Click OK.

To make a snapshot become the current state:

  • Click a snapshot thumbnail. If the Allow NonLinear History option is off and you edited the document after taking that snapshot, the document will revert to the snapshot stage of editing and all the states will be dimmed; when you resume editing, all dimmed states will be discarded. If Allow Non-Linear History is on and you resume editing, subsequent states remain on the panel.
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