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Duplicating Tracks

You can create multiple copies of tracks in a session, which lets you use the original as a guide while editing or mixing the copies.

In the Duplicate Tasks dialog, you can choose to copy data associated with the original track, as follows:

  • Active Playlist copies only the Edit playlist currently displayed on the original track.
  • Alternate Playlists copies all Edit playlists in the original track.
  • Automation copies all track automation data from the original track.
  • Inserts copies all insert assignments, associated plug-ins, and plug-in settings from the original track.
  • Sends copies all send assignments and settings from the original track.
  • Group assignments copies all group assignments, which adds the copied track to the same groups as the original track.

To duplicate tracks:

  1. Select the track or tracks to duplicate.
  2. Choose Track > Duplicate.

    The Duplicate Tracks dialog appears (Figure 4.42).

    Figure 4.42

    Figure 4.42 To duplicate tracks, choose Track > Duplicate to access the Duplicate Tracks dialog.

  3. Select the attributes you want to include in the duplicate tracks.
  4. If you are duplicating more than one track, do one of the following:
    • To locate all duplicate tracks after the last selected track, select "Insert after last selected tracks."


      To locate duplicate tracks next to each selected track, deselect "Insert after last selected tracks."

  5. Click OK.
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