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Where Am I?

Where Am I? (Figure 4.10) is a new feature introduced in the last revision of the nüvi software. Although designed as a safety feature, it comes in handy for more than just emergencies.

Figure 4.10

Figure 4.10 The Where Am I? screen.

If your vehicle breaks down or you're in an accident, you can use Where Am I? to find the nearest hospital, police station, or gas station by tapping the appropriate icon on the right side of the screen. You can access the Where Am I? screen at any time by tapping your vehicle icon on the Map screen.

Tapping one of these icons is like tapping any other point of interest (POI); when you do, the nüvi displays a list of the closest locations. Select one and tap the green Go! button to get directions to that location.

Where Am I? conveniently displays your longitude, latitude, elevation, and the nearest address and intersection to your current location. The large Save Location button at the bottom of the screen allows you to save your current location as a favorite—something I do all the time when I arrive at a destination that I know I'm going to have to find again in the future.

Now that you're comfortable with the Map screen and some of its nuances, you're ready to jump into some of the dynamic data features that are available for the nüvi. Your next turn should be to Chapter 5.

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