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Elizabeth Castro's HTML 4 Quiz

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  1. Elizabeth Castro's HTML 4 Quiz
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Elizabeth Castro's HTML 4 Quiz


HOW MUCH DO YOU know about deprecated tags and other tricky topics? Put your HTML knowledge to the test with a quiz cooked up by the author of the bestselling HTML: Visual QuickStart Guide. Just click your way through the questions below, and when you get to the end, hit the "Get score" button.

If you want to find out where you went wrong--or just read more about each of the topics covered in this quiz--there's a link to the answers and explanations at the left of the page.

  1. What does W3C stand for?
    Why Three Cats
    Web Third Generation Consortium
    World Wide Web Consortium
    The Third Web Commission

  2. Why specify the size of an image if you don't want to resize it?
    To comply with the W3C specification for standard HTML.
    So that the text loads immediately, even if the actual image takes a while.
    So the browser knows how big the image is.
    All of the above.

  3. How can you make JPEGs load faster?
    Make them smaller.
    Select a lower quality compression scheme.
    Make them blurrier.
    All of the above.

  4. There's a picture ("cookiewoody.jpeg") of Cookie and Woody in the "Cats" folder inside the "HTML pages" folder that contains the HTML document "cats.html" in which I want the photo to appear. What will the IMG tag look like?
    <IMG SRC="cookiewoody.jpeg">
    <IMG SRC="Cats/cookiewoody.jpeg">
    <IMG SRC="HTML pages/Cats/cookiewoody.jpeg">
    <IMG SRC="cats/cookiewoody.jpeg">

  5. My frames and tables work great in Internet Explorer, but nothing appears in Netscape Navigator. What's the problem?
    Netscape is persnickety.
    Explorer is very tolerant of non-standard HTML.
    You forgot the closing </FRAMESET> or </TABLE> tag.
    All of the above.

  6. How do you make curly quotes? How about curly apostrophes?
    You can't.
    &openquote; &closequote; &openapost; and &closeapost;
    &#147; &#148; &#145; and &#146;
    Both b and c.

  7. What does deprecated mean (in reference to HTML tags)?
    On the way out.
    None of the above.

  8. What happens if you use non-browser safe colors?
    Your visitor's browser will crash.
    The non-browser-safe colors won't appear.
    Your pages may look ugly on 256-color monitors.
    You'll get a letter of reprimand from the W3C.

  9. What do BLINK, LOWSRC, FONT, SIZE, HEIGHT, WIDTH, and TYPE (among others) have in common?
    They've been deprecated.
    Microsoft designed them to lure users away from Netscape.
    Netscape created them to lure users away from the competition.
    They make your page take longer to download.

  10. Which three organizations has Marc Andreessen, one of the principal programmers behind Netscape Navigator, worked for?
    The University of Chicago, Netscape, and Microsoft
    The University of Illinois, Netscape, and AOL
    Netscape, Microsoft, and IBM
    Yahoo, Netscape, and Amazon

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