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Meet the BeOS

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cover There's a ton of introductory information out there for those wanting to learn more about the nuts and bolts of this new operating system. Below are a few of the best sites you can visit for an overview of the BeOS (the first four are located within the Be, Inc., site). For the most comprehensive coverage, pick up a copy of The BeOS Bible, the ultimate guide to installing, using, and getting the most out of the BeOS.

The BeOS Virtual Tour
Want to get a sense of what it's like to use the BeOS--without actually installing it? This visual tour introduces you to some of the BeOS's most compelling features and capabilities.

The BeOS User Explanation Track
How much do you really want to know about the BeOS? Here, you can pick the level of detail, from the 20,000-foot view (a brief overview of the OS) to the 5-foot close-up (the FAQ collection).

The Media OS: A Technical White Paper
If you're interested in why the world needs another operating system, this white paper builds a compelling case for a Media OS.

The BeOS Product Datasheet
Here, you'll find a clear explanation of the techs and specs behind the BeOS.

The BeOS Tip Server
Search this database of over 300 Be-specific tips, or if you have some of your own to share, you can do that here, too.

Find Be-related news, links, reviews, events, and interviews, all at one plugged-in site.

BeOS Central
This newsy site is the place to go for the very latest BeOS headlines and downloads.

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