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Like this article? We recommend


Imagine if everyone in the world could see you schlepping around in your bathrobe, working at your computer, getting dressed, or undressed... Jenni launched an online cam sensation with her 24-hour-a-day, uncensored Web cam.

The James and Kevin Show
Watch out, Jenni, guys can cam, too. See what's happening in James and Kevin's messy pad in Toronto.

Visit the legendary cofounder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, in his office and classroom (he teaches computer skills to grade-schoolers). Or check out the gorgeous view of the Silicon Valley from his balcony, and take a dip in his pool.

The Amazing Dave Cam
Poor Dave, he must work awfully long hours because he almost always seems to be in his chair. If you've got the QuickTime VR plug-in, you can even take a panoramic tour of his office, which he shares with Opus the penguin and Humphrey the flamingo. If not, you can download it from Apple's QuickTime Web site at

Netscape's Cams
Since Netscape developed the server and browser technologies that made camming possible, it's only natural that their Amazing FishCam was one of the first to make the headlines, back in 1995. You can still watch the fish swim around in their tank at
. While you're in the neighborhood, drop by the Netscape Engineering Sign page at, which displays an LED bus sign in the Netscape engineering department. This is an interactive cam: You can send a message, and it will appear on the sign. To find out about the people behind the Netscape cams, read the interview with Terry Weissman in chapter 10 of The Little Web Cam Book.

the internet c@fé
Live from Honolulu, Hawaii, it's the 24 Hour Cybercafé Cam. Depending on your browser and connection speed, you can surf the basic version of the Web site, or the highly caffeinated one with Java, QuickTime movies, and other bells and whistles. You can also say hello to everyone by typing a message into the form on the site. A PowerMac sitting in the café speaks your message out loud to whomever happens to be hanging out.

The Pad Cam
Hang out with Amber, Amanda, Nick, and Dan in their living room in Southfield, Michigan. If you use ICQ (a program that tells you when friends are on the Internet and lets you send instant messages), you can page them. Plans are also underway to set up a chat room.

The Amazing Ironing Cam
Watch live-action laundry at all hours of the day and night. If no one is ironing, you'll see a Mr. Potato Head instead.

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