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Getting the Most Out of Your Canon 7D: Five Features that I Love

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Nicole Young, author of Canon 7D: From Snapshots to Great Shots, raves about some of the cool options on the Canon 7D. Even if your camera is just intended for capturing shots of the kids growing up, you can use some of these options to make your photography experiences easier or more enjoyable.
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If you own a Canon 7D, it's likely that you're using many of the basic camera modes, settings, and buttons, but this camera also yields some really cool features that might not be as familiar. Using these features can be intimidating at first, since some of them are a bit advanced, but give them a chance! By learning, doing some research, and putting these features to use, you might just find that these extremely helpful tools can make your photography experiences much easier.

Live View

This feature is probably one of the first tools I played around with when I got my 7D, since none of my previous DSLR cameras had it. Live View is extremely helpful when composing shots—especially when doing very detailed photography work. I do a lot of food styling and photography, and it's useful to be able to place small elements in the scene while watching it happen on the LCD monitor in Live View, as I did when creating the shot in Figure 1.

Figure 1 I used the Live View feature to watch the scene as I placed each individual element in the pasta.

Another great thing about Live View is that you have the capability to zoom in on your subject, focusing at a much higher magnification than you can get through the viewfinder. This feature is very helpful when doing photography on a tripod (still life, landscape, or even video) to make sure that you get focus in the exact spot where you need it. Live View also detects people's faces, and it can give you a simulated exposure of how your final image will look.

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