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Entering Formulas

A simple formula is =1+2. (An even simpler one is =3, but that’s no different than just typing 3 in a cell.) The leading equal sign, supplied for you when you use the formula keyboard, distinguishes a formula from text, numbers, dates, and other raw values.

To enter a formula in a cell:

  1. Double-tap the cell.
  2. If you’re entering a new formula, tap keyboard_formula.jpg on the left side of the formula bar (just above the keyboard) to open the formula keyboard.


    If you’re editing an existing formula, the formula keyboard opens automatically.

  3. Position the insertion point in the formula bar or select an element to change or replace, and then do any of the following circle-a.jpg:
    • To insert a constant, type it. For numbers, tap the numeric keys on the formula keyboard. For text, tap the “abc” key. For dates, times, and durations, tap the icon_date_and_time.jpg key. For Boolean values, tap the true/false key (tap it repeatedly to toggle the value).
    • To insert an arithmetic operator, tap its key on the left side of the formula keyboard. If the arithmetic operators aren’t visible, tap the ()+÷ key.
    • To insert a cell reference, see “Using Cell References” later in this chapter.
    • To insert a comparison operator, see “Using Comparison Operators” later in this chapter.
    • To insert a function, see “Using Functions” later in this chapter.
    • To remove an element, select it or position the insertion point to the right of the element, and then tap icon_delete.jpg. To remove multiple elements, you can tap repeatedly or touch and hold icon_delete.jpg.
  4. When you’re done, tap formula_enter.jpg to enter the formula, or tap formula_cancel.jpg to cancel and revert to the cell’s previous contents.
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