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Create a Sound Mixing Toy with Flash MX 2004

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Need an interesting toy for your web site? In this article, New Riders author Aria Danika shares her fascination with sound toys and generative music and shows you how to build an interactive sound mixing toy with Flash MX 2004.
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Editor's Note: For this article, you will need to download the following two files:

It Works Like This

In this article, you'll use Flash MX 2004 to create an interactive sound mixing toy (see Figure 1). The interface is a grid that is made of boxes (objects) that are stored in the Library and manipulated through code. The user will be able to preview sounds, play and loop selected tracks, and adjust the volume during playtime.

Figure 1Figure 1

The root of your movie will have two main sections. The first portion contains a chunk of code that runs as soon as the movie is loaded, initializes all the properties of your instrument, and draws the visuals on the Stage. The second portion checks for user interaction, plays back sounds, and controls the playhead and volume slider.

You can open soundtoy_final.swf to see how the project works.


Note: The Geisha artwork for this sound toy was created by Chris Norman.

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