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Format the text

Make these simple formatting changes. Check the screen shot below to see if your Web page matches the tutorial.

formatting text
  1. Indent all of the text so it doesn’t bump into the left edge: From the Edit menu, choose “Select All.” Then click the Indent button, circled above. Click anywhere to unselect all the text.

  2. Indent the lines of text that will be links: Press-and-drag over the lines of text to select them, then click the Indent button. Click anywhere to unselect the text.

  3. Make the heading larger: Click once anywhere in the heading. From the Format menu right in the toolbar, where it now says “Paragraph,” choose “Largest Heading.”

  4. Color the heading: Press-and-drag over the heading to select all of the characters. Either drag a color spot and drop it on the selected text, or use the Color menu in the toolbar (circled, above right).

formatted text Does your page look something like this?

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