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Make two more Web pages

First of all, save the page you just made: press Command S. Then build two more pages in the same way you did the first:

  1. Make a new page: Press Command N (or go to the File menu, choose “New,” then “New Page”).

  2. Save the html file: From the File menu, choose “Save Page As... .” Do not name this page “index.html.” Name it something that gives you a clue as to what the page is about, such as mykids.html or mydogs.html.

    Notice the format of these file names: use all lowercase letters, no characters except letters or numbers (that is, no apostrophes or colons, etc.), and no spaces. Keep it short.

    Make sure you save this Web page into your Web site folder!

  3. Title the page: In the title, you can use capital letters, spaces, exclamation points, and most other characters. Be sure to hit the Return key after you type the title.

  4. Change the background color of the page: Drag a color spot from the color panel to the tiny page icon next to the title.

  5. Type the text.

  6. Format the text.

  7. Add a graphic: This time, add the dog graphic you have in your Web site folder, the one named dogWHT.gif. Just like you did with the bullets, simply drag the graphic file from your Web site folder and drop it on the page where you want it to be.

    dog graphic
    When you view your page in Preview
    mode, as mentioned below, this dog
    will animate!

  8. Save the page again: Press Command S.

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