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The Google+ Guide: Hangouts

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Google+ attempts to replicate your real-life social networks with circles. But how can it replicate one of the best aspects of having friends—impromptu hanging out—on the Internet? Google+ has a feature that tries to do just that, cleverly named hangouts.
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Hangouts are basically videoconferences that you can start from Google+. Invite people or circles, and folks can join your hangout and shoot the breeze. You can even watch YouTube videos together!

The Lowdown on Hangouts

A few things to know about hangouts:

  • Hangouts require the Google voice and video plug-in to work. Download it here:
  • Each hangout can have a maximum ten participants.
  • At 90 minutes, Google+ checks in to make sure that your hangout is still happening. If no one responds, the hangout ends automatically.
  • Your computer must have a webcam and a microphone attached to it to audio/video chat.

Now that the ground rules of hangouts have ben established, the rest of this chapter is devoted to showing you how to start and join hangouts for yourself.

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