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Everything You Need to Know about Applying Photoshop Filters

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In this excerpt from Best Photoshop Filters, Susannah Hall talks about Photoshop Filters, including applying them, using Smart Filters, using the Filter Gallery, fading a Filter effect, using the History Brush, and finding and adding new filters.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

What are Filters?

Filters are applied to a photograph to manipulate the visual appearance of the final image. The filters available within Photoshop vary widely in the affect they have on an image. The biggest selection are filters that change the aesthetics of the image, making it much more artistic and unique by applying a range of effects. Other filters are designed to improve an image, such as the Lens Correction, Sharpen, and Noise filters, for example.

Filters Used to Cre Ate Artistic Effects

The first place to start if you want a filter that applies an artistic effect is the Filter Gallery. When you select the Filter Gallery, a whole swathe of filters are available for you to choose from and preview through thumbnail samples. See pages 18–19 for more information about using the Filter Gallery.

Filters Used Pri Marily for Re Touching

There are a range of filters that can be used for different retouching purposes. Some are filters that serve little other purpose, such as the Sharpen filters. Others cross over and are useful both for retouching and for applying artistic effects, such as the Blur filters. For further information on these filters, see page 326 onward.

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