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To use a path as an envelope:

  1. Create a path using your choice of drawing tools.

  2. Select the path (Figure 5).

    Fig. 5
    Figure 5 Create a path you want to use as an envelope preset.

  3. Choose Edit > Copy to copy the path to the clipboard.

  4. Select the object to which you want to apply the envelope.

  5. Choose Modify > Envelope > Paste as Envelope or click the Paste as Envelope icon on the Envelope toolbar. The envelope is applied to the object (Figure 6).

    Fig. 6
    Figure 6 Applying the custom envelope to a path creates an object somewhere between the original and the preset.

  6. As with any path, you can move, add or remove points on an envelope to control its shape.

Once you have a new envelope shape, you may want to save it to use it on other objects.

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