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Actions represent the final pieces of the interactivity puzzle. They allow you to instruct your movies (or external applications) to perform tasks. A single event can trigger multiple actions, which can be performed and executed simultaneously on different targets.

We'll take a brief look at the actions available in Flash. For an in-depth examination of actions using real-world applications, see Chapter 11 of the book. The options in the table (below) can be found by clicking the Add Action button on the Action tab (Figure 10):

Go To Causes a movie to jump to the specified frame or scene on the timeline and stop or begin playing from that point forward.
Play Causes a movie to begin playing from its current position on the timeline.
Stop Causes a movie to stop playing.
Toggle High Quality Turns antialiasing off and on.
Stop All Sounds Stops all currently playing audio tracks.
Get URL Opens a browser window with the specified URL loaded, or sends variables to the specified URL.
FS Command Sends data to the application hosting your Flash movie (such as a browser, projector, Director movie).
Load/Unload Movie Loads a Flash movie, at the specified URL, within Flash player, or it unloads a previously loaded movie. You can also use it to load variables from a remote file into a movie.
Tell Target A command that is used as a way of identifying a movie so that you can get it to perform an action.
If Frame Is Loaded Determines whether a particular frame has been loaded and, if it has, performs an action.
On Mouse Event Mouse events are actually triggers rather than actions. For more information, see Events earlier in this excerpt.
If Checks to see if a conditional statement is true and, if it is, performs an action.
Loop Continuously performs an action or set of actions as long as a condition is met. When the condition ceases to be met, the loop stops.
Call Performs a set of actions attached to a particular frame.
Set Property Allows you to set various movie properties.
Set Variable Allows you to create a new variable or update an existing one.
Duplicate/Remove Movie Clip Allows you to create or remove instances of movie clips dynamically.
Drag Movie Clip Allows you to make a movie-clip instance draggable in relation to the pointer's movement.
Trace Displays a custom message when an action is performed. Used primarily to test interactivity.
Comment This option allows you to place comments in your script to help clarify the underlying logic.
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