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It Became a Know-it-All

Growing up, my Dad said that we kids thought he had the answer to everything. But once we turned 13, his input was no longer welcome, since we had somehow become superhuman know-it-alls with an answer for everything.

Flash 5 is no different, because its ActionScript engine easily promotes it to a know-it-all and do-it-all status. It's no longer necessary to rely on JavaScript or server technologies to perform a number of powerful interactive tasks, as was commonly the case with version 4. And the new scripting capabilities allow you to create almost any interactive project you can think of-from powerful Web and stand-alone applications to games, interactive business cards, and so much more.

Getting to Know Flash 5

If you are new to Flash, there is much to learn in order to maximize your effectiveness and enjoyment of the program. Users of previous versions of Flash may think that all the changes in version 5 will make it an entirely different-and newly intimidating-product.

But in my new book, Flash 5! Creative Web Animation (released Dec. 29, 2000), you will find 540 pages of in-depth coverage explaining how, why and when to use nearly every feature of the program. You'll also discover more than 400 illustrations and 40 video tutorials (over 3.5 hours' worth) that show you how to do everything from creating an MP3 jukebox to setting up drag-and-drop functionality, and more. The many illustrations-and especially the video tutorials-give you more comprehensive training than you ever thought possible from a book. It's everything you need to make working with Flash 5 as familiar as working with an old friend.

When reminiscing about the past, it's easy to dwell on " the good ol' days." But age and maturity bring their own benefits, as well. With Flash 5, this is very much the case. It's all grown up now and it definitely shows.

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