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Selecting Fills with the Arrow Tool

You can select filled areas the same way you select lines.

To select multiple filled areas:

  1. In the Toolbox, select the arrow tool.

  2. Position the pointer over the fill you want to select.

    The selection icon appears next to the arrow pointer.

  3. Click the fill.

    Flash highlights the selected fill with a dot pattern (Figure 3.6).

    Figure 3.6Figure 3.6 When the pointer sits above a filled area, it changes into the selection arrow. Click the fill to select it. A dot pattern in a contrasting color highlights the selected fill.

  4. To select additional fills, do one of the following:

    • If you are using Flash's default selection style (Shift Select), Shift-click each additional fill you want to select.

    • If you turned off the Shift Select option in the Preferences dialog box, click each fill you want to include.

Flash adds each newly selected fill to the highlighted selection.


To select everything that's currently on the Stage, from the Edit menu, choose Select All, or press #-A (Mac) or Ctrl-A (Windows) (Figure 3.7).

Figure 3.7Figure 3.7 Choose Edit > Select All, or press #-A (Mac) or Ctrl-A (Windows), to select everything on the Stage.

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