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The gesture-driven list is an interface element that really stands apart from the standard way of doing things. Zooming through large numbers of images with this type of control is far easier than the click and drag method invented years ago. With Flash, you can fine-tune this component to really go a long way in making Nancy's experience while on the MODA site better and more unique. You also have a totally generalized, flexible, and reusable control that can easily be dropped into any movie, and, with a minimum of fuss, have a gesture-driven list up and running. This is really the best kind of tool to have: one that makes the developer's and the users' lives easier by addressing many of the key issues in each of those segments:

  • A usable speed for any particular audience. You can easily define different speed, friction, and orientation depending on client and user needs. This ensures that the end user will have a much more targeted experience on the site and can find that it is much easier to get to the information they want and accomplish their goals with well thought out controls.

  • Truly reusable object. This component can be dropped into any movie and with a few clicks, poof! A gesture-driven list. This presents the kind of flexible object that can give developers the time to really think about the end users and their goals and how they can help the users accomplish these goals.

  • Improved navigation. This tool goes beyond being a tool for browsing pictures and paintings. It can be used for any situation where a single, noncomplex organization of information needs to be given an interface.

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