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Animating a Logotype in Flash MX

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This lesson takes a previously created logo and animates it using Macromedia Flash MX.
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How will our custom logotype look on the Web? Nothing draws more attention to a logo than animation, so animated logos have become almost a standard client request. In this lesson, we'll take the logo we created in Lesson 1 and animate it using Macromedia Flash MX. If you would like to skip ahead to see the final version of the logo we'll create in this lesson, open Lesson02\Complete\TEC-logo-FINAL.fla on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Figure 1If this were an animation instead of a static screen shot from a book, you'd see this logo animating, using movie clips, motion guides, and motion blurs.


In this lesson you will:

  • Create symbols that can export directly into Flash

  • Import FreeHand drawings into Flash

  • Modify symbols and shapes in Flash

  • Explore a variety of motion blurs and other animation techniques

  • Animate a company logo for the Web


It usually takes about 1 hour to complete this lesson.


Media Files:


Starting Files:

Lesson02\Start\TEC-logo.FH10 Lesson02\Start\TEC-logo1.FH10 Lesson02\Start\TEC-logo2.FH10

Completed Project:


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