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Importing Graphics

Macromedia Fireworks provides a wealth of tools for creating graphics, but you still may want to import graphics from other sources. For example, you may want to import a company logo created in Macromedia FreeHand or import a scanned image from Adobe Photoshop to combine with buttons you've created in Fireworks.

Fireworks can import these formats: PNG; GIF; JPEG; PICT; BMP; TIFF; xRes LRG; ASCII text; RTF text; Adobe Photoshop 3, 4, 5, and 6; Adobe Illustrator 7; Macromedia FreeHand 7, 8, 9, and 10; and uncompressed CorelDRAW 7.

To finish the company logo, you need to add some text. The text was created in Macromedia FreeHand and converted to a graphic for you to use. Of course, you can add text in Fireworks, but in this case the text was created with a typeface that may not be available to you. You'll see how to convert text to a graphic in Fireworks in a later lesson.

  1. Choose File > Import and navigate to the sweet_creations.fh10 file located in the Media folder within the Lesson02 folder. Select that file and then click Open.

    Figure 2-34

    Options you can set in the Vector File Options dialog box are as follows:

    Scale: Specify the scale percentage for the imported file.

    Width and Height: Specify in pixels the width and height of the imported file.

    Resolution: Specify the resolution of the imported file.

    Anti-Alias: Set a soft edge around imported objects.

    File Conversion: Specify how multipage documents are handled when imported.

    Open a Page: Import only the specified page.

    Open Pages as Frames: Import all the pages from the document and place each on a separate frame in Fireworks.

    Remember Layers: Maintain the layer structure of the imported file.

    Ignore Layers: Delete the layer structure of the imported file. All objects are placed on the currently selected layer.

    Convert Layers to Frames: Place each layer of the imported document in a separate frame in Fireworks.

    Include Invisible Layers: Import objects on layers that have been turned off. Otherwise, invisible layers are ignored.

    Include Background Layers: Import objects from the document's Background layer. Otherwise, the Background layer is ignored.

    Render as Images: Rasterize (convert to bitmap) complex groups, blends, or tiled fills and place them as a single image object in a Fireworks document. Enter a number in the text box to determine how many objects a group, blend, or tiled fill can contain before it is rasterized during import.


    Vector file options do not apply when you paste or drag an object from another

  2. Click OK to select the default vector options.

    You don't need to make any changes for this project.

  3. Click to place the text graphic on the page. Move the text to the right side of the candy and scale (hold down Shift and drag a corner handle) to make the text smaller.

    You want the text to be proportional to the size of the candy. You may need to move the candy to the left of the canvas to place the text on the right. Because you grouped all the elements of the candy, they will move as one.

    Figure 2-35

  4. Select both the candy and the text and then choose Modify > Group.

    You now have a nested group. The candy is grouped, and that group is included with this new group.

  5. Save your file.

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