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Adding Live Effects

Live Effects are rendered effects or filters that apply to vector, bitmap, and text objects. Applying a Live Effect does not permanently change the original object—the object and the effect remain editable. If you make a change to the original object, the Live Effects change accordingly. For example, you can create a button with a bevel and a drop shadow. You can then change the color, the size, or the shape of the button, and the effects are reapplied to the new button. One or more effects can be added to an object. The effects can also be saved for use on other objects in the current document.

To make the mint appear more realistic, you'll add a bevel edge to the circle.

  1. With the circle still selected, click the Add Effects button in the Property inspector. Choose Bevel and Emboss from the Effects pop-up menu and then choose Inner Bevel from the submenu.

    Figure 2-11

  2. Change the settings to get the desired bevel effect.

    Change the edge shape to Smooth in the Bevel Edge Shape pop-up menu. Drag the Width slider to control the width of the bevel. You can also control the Contrast, Softness, and Angle of the bevel. Adjust the settings to your liking.

    Figure 2-12

  3. Click outside the settings window to close it.

    The Property inspector displays the first effect you have set for the object. You can apply multiple effects to an object by selecting other effects from the Effects pop-up menu.


    When an object is selected, a blue border appears around it. In this step, the blue border is distracting, making it harder to view the beveled edge. Select the Pointer tool on the Tools panel and click outside the circle to deselect it. You might also want to hide the ruler guides. Choose View > Guides > Show Guides. This command is a toggle to show or hide the guides. Remember to select the object again if you want to make changes.

    To change your effect, click the Info icon next to the effect you want to change, or double-click the effect name in the list.

    When multiple effects are applied to an object, the order of the effects in the Live Effects list can change the look of the image. Effects that change the interior of an object (such as Inner Bevel) should appear before effects that control the outer edge (such as Outer Bevel).

    To reorder effects, select the effect name from the list and then drag it up or down.

    To delete an effect, select the effect in the Live Effects list in the Property inspector and then click the minus button. To disable (not delete) the effect, click the check to the left of the effect in the list. Click again to redisplay the effect.

    Figure 2-13

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