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Making a Copy

In this next step, you need to make a copy of the triangle and move it straight down to the bottom part of the circle. You could make a copy of the triangle and then paste it on the canvas and then move the new copy to the proper place. There is an easier way, however, that makes the copy and moves it in one step.

  1. Select the triangle with the Pointer tool if it is not already selected.

    You see the blue handles around the selected triangle.

  2. Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Macintosh) and drag straight down.

    As you drag, the pointer adds a plus sign, indicating that you are making a copy. You actually are performing two operations: you are making a copy, and you are moving the copy a set distance from the original. Add the Shift key as you drag to vertically constrain the movement. Release the mouse button when you are at the bottom of the circle of the candy.


    Release the mouse button before releasing the modifier keys (Shift, Alt, or Option) to make sure the triangle remains in place.

    Figure 2-22

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