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Ultimately, factors like budget, time, access to training facilities, and workplace requirements will determine which of the Web certifications you choose. Whether you're already working in a Web-related job where you need to improve or increase your skills and knowledge, or whether you're aiming at another job where a Web certification could help land that position, choose your Web certifications carefully.

For those seeking proper Web certification, be aware that hiring managers may not be as attuned to distinctions and benefits of such certifications in general, and of your certifications in particular. Thus, you will want to practice explaining why those certifications have value—that is, to review what you learned, what you know how to do, and specific skills, tools, and technologies you've mastered. If you can present this information clearly in an interview, you'll be much better equipped to extract the maximum value out of those certifications you worked so long and hard to earn.

Those who obtain boundary Web certifications, on the other hand, often have an easier time of things in a job interview. This is especially true when a hiring manager seeks to probe your skills and knowledge of particular platforms, toolsets, or programming languages. And although one or more certifications in the area of interest can't guarantee you a job—you'll still have to prove that you know what you're doing, that you can fit in with the local workforce, and so forth—they will certainly demonstrate that you've spent significant time and effort on things your prospective employer cares about.

But for both kinds of credentials, the benefits will often go beyond employment or employability. Training and experience on Web markup, tools, languages, and technologies are becoming increasingly important in the general IT workplace. Your investment in this area grants exposure to subjects that are sure to serve your professional interests well for years to come.

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