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Fireworks Basics

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Working with Panels

All the panels (except the Property Inspector and Tools panel) can all be grouped with other panels so they act as a unit. This is particularly helpful if you're working on a small monitor. The panel groups display the panels under a single title bar with tabs for each panel in the group.

To select a panel within a group:

  • Click the panel tab under the title bar 34. The tab becomes highlighted and the controls for that tab appear inside the panel.

    Figure 3434 Click one of the panel tabs to select a specific panel in a group.

You can move panels from one group to another.

To move panels between groups:

  1. Click the panel menu control to open the panel menu.

  2. Choose the name that you want to move the panel to from its Group Mixer with submenu 35.

    Figure 3535 Click the panel menu control to open the panel menu.


    Choose New Panel Group to separate the panel into its own group.

Ordinarily the name of a panel group comes from the panels inside the group. You can rename the panel group to a shorter, more easily understood name.

To rename a panel group:

  1. Choose Rename Panel Group from the panel menu. This clears the panel name field and leaves a blinking insertion point.

  2. Type the new name for the panel group 36.

    Figure 3636 Type the new name for a panel group in the group name field.

You can also open, close, or collapse and expand panel groups.

To open panels:

  • Choose the name of the panel from the Window menu.

To close panels:

  • Click the Close icon in the panel title bar 37.

    Figure 3737 Click the Close icon to close a panel group.

To collapse or expand a panel group:

  • Double-click the title bar for the panel group 38. This collapses or expands the group.

    Figure 3838 Drag the gripper dots to dock one panel with another.

In addition to grouping panels together, you can also dock the panel groups in collections of panel groups. The docked panels can be moved together around the screen.

To dock panels together:

  1. Press the gripper dots on the panel title bar.

  2. Drag the panel to the top or bottom of another panel group 39.

    Figure 3939 Drag the corners or sides of a panel to resize Windows panels.

  3. Release the mouse button. The panels are docked together.

You can also change the size of a panel or panel group. This is especially helpful as you add new items in panels such as the Layers, Styles, and Frames.

To resize panels (Mac):

  • Drag the resize icon of a panel to change the size of the panel 40.

    Figure 4040 Drag the corner indicator to resize Macintosh panels

To resize panels (Win):

  1. Move the cursor over the sides or corners of a panel. A double-headed arrow appears.

  2. Drag the double-headed arrow to change the size of the panel 41.

    Figure 4141 Drag the corners or sides of a panel to resize Windows panels

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