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Saving Time When Selecting Source Clips

I have been surprised by the number of editors I've come across who didn't know this feature exists or how to use it to save time. The feature I am referring to is the Source menu (the selection pull-down menu) under the Source monitor. It shows a list of the clips you have viewed in the Source monitor since you opened the project, as shown in Figure 3.10.

Figure 3.10Figure 3.10 The Source menu displays the clips you have already loaded into the Source monitor, allowing quick access to those clips.

This menu saves you time by not making you rummage through multiple bin windows looking for a clip you just viewed a few seconds ago. One situation where I find this pull-down menu extremely helpful is when I am cutting back and forth between a few clips. By selecting from this quick and convenient menu, I do not have to keep going back to my bins to grab the shot I just used. I can just keep selecting from the list the three or so clips that I am continuously editing portions of as I jump back and forth between these clips.

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