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Like this article? We recommend

Stitching Graphics Together with PhotoMontage

Easily my favorite feature of Expression Graphic Designer is PhotoMontage. Have you ever taken a picture of a building, landscape, or panorama and simply could not get the total image into one shot? With large images, you can align images together so you can stitch them together later in PhotoShop. PhotoMontage is a tool in Expression Graphic Designer that allows you to create a complex image from a collection of images.

The following figure demonstrates some of the challenges of stitching image together:

You have four shots of the same building, and each shows a different part and at a different angle. You also have the problem of light balance and shadows. You can use PhotoMontage to rectify it. All you have to do within Expression Graphic Designer is import the different images that, when combined, will form the final image you are looking for.

Select each image and choose Image > PhotoMontage. A popup window appears, giving you different settings you can choose. The defaults usually work fine. Select OK, and your image will magically be converted into the following complete image.

The final result is amazing. Play around with the PhotoMontage settings for more-complex images.

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