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The Bottom Line

When you're working with files and folders, here are the most important things to remember:

  • Use My Computer to manage all the drives and devices attached to your system. Use My Documents to manage your documents.
  • When Web view is activated, My Computer and other folders display an activity center pane. This pane contains a context-sensitive Tasks list that makes it easy to perform most common file operations.
  • In Windows XP, My Computer, My Documents, and other system folders are all essentially the same tool; because Windows Explorer has been removed from Windows XP, you can display a "file tree" view by clicking the Folders button in My Computer or My Documents.
  • Windows XP lets you display different icon views, and group icons by type, date, size, or name.
  • All files you delete are sent to the Recycle Bin folder. Until the Recycle Bin is filled up, you can restore any file you've recently deleted.
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