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For Those About to Dock!: docking miracles made easy

This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


You have to hand it to Apple: When it comes to application launching and switching, they have created the Venus de Milo of application launchers and switchers with Mac OS X's Dock. Okay, that just sounds weird. How about “the crème de la crème” of launchers and application switchers? Nah, it just doesn't sound sexy enough to describe all the really cool things the Dock lets you do. Okay, how about this: “When it comes to doing it, the Dock totally rocks!” Nah, that sounds too “Eminem.” Instead, perhaps we should look at the word “Dock” itself. It's clearly a derivative of the popular Latin phrase “One, two, three o-clock, four o-clock, Dock,” which, if memory serves me correctly, is inscribed on the torch held high by Lady Liberty in New York Harbor (and Lady Liberty was presented to the United States by French Prime Minister Bill Haley, around five, six, seven o'clock).


In this chapter, we're always talking about dragging files and folders to the Dock, but you can also drag from the Dock (out to your desktop or to an open window) by first holding the Command key, then dragging. Want to make an alias of a Dock icon? Just hold Command-Option and drag the docked file to the window you want, and it creates an alias. In fact, most of the things you can do within a window (copying a file, creating an alias, etc.) can be done from the Dock, as long as you start with the Command key.

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