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Picking Colors

The colors you use on your Web pages can be from a set palette of colors, or you can choose from an unlimited number of colors. Perhaps you want to limit the colors you use to match a product line or company colors. To make it easier to pick only those colors, you can create a document containing those colors.

  1. Open the basic_colors.png file in the Lesson03 Media folder.

    The document opens on top of your existing document. It contains a set of boxes, each with a different color.

  2. Choose Window > Tile Vertical.

    Both windows are sized to fit side by side based on the size of your monitor. You could do this manually, but the command is much quicker.

    You could also choose Tile Horizontal to resize and move one window below the other. When you want to return the windows to their original size and placement, choose Window > Cascade.

  3. Select the rectangle on your home page.

    You want to change the rectangles’s fill color to the red color (color number 1) in the basic_colors.png file.

  4. Click the Fill color box in the Property inspector and move the eyedropper over the red color in the basic_colors.png file. Click to select that color.

    The color of the rectangle changes to dark red.

    You could also use the Fill color box on the Tools panel to change the color. The color boxes are located in several places: the Property inspector, the Tools panel, and the Colors panel.

  5. Unlock the Logo layer.

    Click the lock icon on the Logo layer to unlock the layer.

  6. Select the logo and choose Modify > Ungroup. Click outside the logo to deselect it and then select the Sweet Creations text. Change the fill color of the text to white.

    Leave the Logo layer unlocked.

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