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Locking a Layer

Locking a layer is helpful when you want to see all of the objects on the layer, but you don’t want to accidentally move or delete any objects. Locking a layer also prevents you from adding new objects to that layer.

  1. Select the logo.

    Notice when you select the logo that the selected layer on the Layers panel changes to the Logo layer.

  2. Resize and move the logo to make it fit within the height of the rectangle.

    You can use the Scale tool as you learned in Lesson 2, or you can use the Pointer tool to drag one of the corner handles to change the size. Because all of the elements in the logo are grouped, all elements will be scaled together.

  3. Click the Lock column (the column that displays a pencil) to the left of the Logo layer to lock the layer so its objects can’t be moved or deleted.

    A lock icon appears in the column. The layer above the locked layer is now selected.

    If a layer is currently selected, the Lock column displays a pencil. When you click the pencil, the Lock column displays a lock. A blank Lock column means the layer is not selected. When the layer is locked, you cannot select the layer or the objects on the layer. To unlock the layer, click the lock icon on the Layers panel.

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