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Use the Magic Selection Brush tool magicselectionbrush.gif to create a selection based on areas of an image where you click, draw, or scribble.

If after your first click or scribble, the Magic Selection Brush tool didn't select everything you intended, you can add to the selection by choosing the Indicate Foreground tool (the Magic Selection Brush tool with the “+”) in the Options bar which is located at the top of your work area. Click on the area you want included.

If too much of an area is selected, choose the Indicate Background tool, (the Magic Selection Brush tool with the “-” also in the Options bar, and click on the area you don't want included.

If you need to change the color you click or scribble with in case the default color, red, is too close to the colors in your image, just click on the swatch in the Options bar to open the Color Picker. Click on a color in the Color Field and then click OK.

You can also change the size of the brush in the Options bar, in case you want to draw an outline around the subject rather than click or scribble.

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