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Using Advanced Rating Options

Now let’s use some of the more advanced rating options and compare our picks. Later on, we’ll create a Smart Album from our highest-rated images.

  1. Select the 5-star image in the Browser, named SC_crew_058. Press return.

    Your 5-star image is now set as the compare item.

  2. Press the Right Arrow key and compare the quality of the two images.
  3. Keep pressing the Right Arrow key to compare other surfing images to the compare item. When you see images that are comparable in terms of composition and quality, give those images 5 stars by pressing the \ (backslash) key.
  4. Sort the images in your Browser by choosing Rating from the pop-up menu.
  5. Click the downward-facing arrow next to the Rating pop-up menu to sort images in descending order.

Since you’ve given a group of images 5 stars, you can now take advantage of your rating system by creating a Smart Album.

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