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Adding and Editing Keywords and Metadata

While ratings are useful for evaluating the quality of images, keywords are essential for evaluating the content of images. In Aperture, keywords are added to image versions and saved as metadata. You can use keywords to easily search your Library and even export the keywords as IPTC data.

Adding keywords to your images is as simple as applying ratings.

  1. If it is not already selected, click to select the 5 Star Surfing Smart Album.
  2. From your Smart Album select the image named SC_crew_058.

    Look at the metadata overlays below the image. This image has the keywords digital, surf, surfboard and waves added. You can add keywords from the selection of keyword presets below the Viewer, and you can also add your own.

  3. Enter the surfer’s name, Dave, in the Add Keyword field and press Return.

    The keyword Dave has been added to the image. Although the control bar is a convenient means of adding keywords, for more flexibility you may prefer to use the Keywords HUD.

  4. Click the image in the Viewer and then press Shift-H to reveal the Keywords HUD.

    In the HUD, each preset category is listed as a separate line item. You can also use the HUD to search for keywords you’d like to apply. This helps keep consistency in your keyword naming.

    The left-hand Add (+) buttons at the base of the HUD allow you to add new keywords, or even create subcategories for existing keywords. The right-hand buttons provide easy access for importing and exporting keywords.

  5. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the preset “Photo specs” category.
  6. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the preset “Image type” category.
  7. Drag the word Action from the Keywords HUD and drop it directly on the image in the Viewer.

    The keyword Action has been applied to the image. You can also drag keywords to thumbnails in the Browser.

  8. Click the X in the upper left of the Keywords HUD to close the HUD.
  9. Press I to open the Metadata Inspector.

    You can view and edit all of your image metadata through this window, including image keywords.

    The Metadata Inspector is a flexible tool that allows a great deal of control and access to your image metadata.

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