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Designing Web Pages

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Adobe GoLive provides you with a variety of tools for laying out your Web pages, including tables, layout grids, floating boxes, and frame sets. It also provides you with several ways to quickly add objects and apply colors frequently used in your Web site, saving you both time and effort. In this lesson, you'll explore the various tools for page layout as you work on the design of three Web pages.

About this lesson

In this lesson, you'll learn how to do the following:

  • Create a new Web site and add files to it.
  • Create a component that stores frequently used page content, such as a navigation bar, and add the component to each page in a site.
  • Use a layout grid to precisely place text, images, and other objects on a page.
  • Add Web-formatted images to a page using a variety of methods.
  • Align, distribute, and move multiple objects on a layout grid.
  • Add a background image, keywords, comments, and a date and time stamp to a page.
  • Add text to a page using layout text boxes on a layout grid, and copy and paste text into a table.
  • Create a custom color palette that stores frequently used site colors, and apply the colors to pages in a site.
  • Extract color from an image or other element on the screen, and add it to a custom color palette.
  • Use layers to place overlapping objects on a page.
  • Edit a component's source file to have GoLive automatically update each page that contains it.

This lesson takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

If needed, copy the Lessons/Lesson03/ folder onto your hard drive. As you work on this lesson, you'll overwrite the start files. If you need to restore the start files, copy them from the Adobe GoLive CS Classroom in a Book CD.

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