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Batch Encoding

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Using Batch Monitor

Batch Monitor is a separate application that can open when Compressor submits a batch for encoding. It provides real-time feedback on the status of the current encoding job and lists the jobs pending in the batch.

By default, Compressor does not open Batch Monitor automatically because the History window provides a basic view of the currently-encoding batches and any batches that have been processed (see Chapter 1). Batch Monitor will open automatically if you choose Compressor > Preferences and select the Auto Launch Batch Monitor checkbox.

When you first submit a job from the Batch window, a drop-down window opens to permit some last-minute adjustments before the job goes to processing.

Batch Monitor is divided into three sections: the Toolbar, the Status window, and the Cluster window. Each of these sections provides two functions: monitoring and management.

The Toolbar controls how batches display in the Status window. You can modify which icons appear in the Toolbar by choosing View > Customize Toolbar, or you can Control-click the Toolbar and, from the shortcut menu, choose Customize Toolbar. From the drop-down window, drag desired items to the Toolbar.

In addition to displaying information on currently-encoding batches and jobs, the Status window lets you manage that encoding process. The three buttons to the right of each batch and each job provide information as well as the ability to pause and delete processes.

Each individual job has its own set of buttons that control the encoding process.

Some restrictions apply to starting and stopping encoding jobs and batches in the Batch Monitor. Some codecs, such as MPEG-2, allow you to pause and then resume processing from the point at which the encoding stopped. Other codecs, such as H.264, only let you stop processing and then force the encoder to restart the job from the beginning when encoding resumes.

If the job or batch you are attempting to stop will be affected by a total loss of currently-encoded material, you will receive this message from Batch Monitor after clicking the Pause button:

Viewing Job and Batch Status

When you click the Information button, it opens an Information window for that job.

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