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Arranging Windows on Your Desktop

Some users like to run all their programs full-screen. Others like to look at all their open programs at once, in overlapping windows. Still other users like to arrange their windows neatly on their desktop.

If you're a neatnik, it's easy to have Windows arrange your windows for you. All you have to do is right-click an open area of the Taskbar and then select one of the following options from the pop-up menu:

  • Cascade Windows. Creates a stack of windows starting at the top-left corner of your screen and continuing diagonally down and to the right, as shown in Figure 4.6.

Figure 4.6Figure 4.6 Arrange your windows in a cascade effect.

  • Tile Windows Horizontally. Creates horizontal rows of windows on your desktop, as shown in Figure 4.7.

Figure 4.7Figure 4.7 Arrange your windows in horizontal rows.

  • Tile Windows Vertically. Creates vertical columns of windows, as shown in Figure 4.8.

Figure 4.8Figure 4.8 Arrange your windows in vertical columns.

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