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Making a Movie in Premiere Elements: Assembling Your Clips
By Jan Ozer
Oct 6, 2005
Creating a movie in Premiere Elements is a snap, but creating a movie that's worth watching is somewhat more difficult. This chapter will teach you the basic elements of editing to bring out the most interesting and important clips in your movie.
Editing Fundamentals in Premiere
By Dennis Chominsky
Jun 27, 2003
Dennis Chominsky helps you get a firm grasp of the simple topics in Premiere in order to advance yourself to exceptional mastering of the program. Follow his steps, and you will be on your way to becoming a top editor.
Sounding Good with Premiere
By Thomas Luehrsen
Mar 7, 2003
Movie pros know that a great sound track can make even the best movie look better. Thomas Luehrsen provides some tips to capturing better sound for your movie.
Adding Transitions in Premiere
By Adobe Creative Team
Feb 28, 2003
In this lesson, you'll create a short prelude to a television program about dreams, using transitions between clips, special effects, and precisely trimmed clips.
Polishing Your Skills: How to Make a Title Shine in Adobe Premiere 6.5
By Antony Bolante
Nov 25, 2002
from Premiere 6.5 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide by Antony Bolante
Mixing Audio in Premiere
By Antony Bolante
Jul 19, 2001
Antony Bolante explores the improvements in Premiere 6's audio features used in making subtle adjustments to audio tracks.
Moving Images: Premiere's Image Pan Effect
By Antony Bolante
May 1, 2001
by Antony Bolante, author of Premiere 6: Visual QuickStart Guide

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