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How to Create an Agenda Slide in PowerPoint
By Rebecca Bridges Altman
May 1, 1999
By Rebecca Bridges Altman, author of PowerPoint 2000/98 for Windows & Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide
How to Make iLife '06 Seem Like '07: Ten Tools that Take iLife to a New Level
By Ryan Faas
Jul 6, 2007
It's been a year and a half since Apple updated its iLife software. Even though iLife '07 isn't on the horizon, there are plenty of ways to upgrade and enhance all the iLife apps to make everything from photo management to movie making easier and more impressive. Here are Ryan Faas' 10 picks for the best ways to make iLife '06 seem new and improved.
How to use Apple's Remote Desktop For Presentation, Instruction, and Collaboration
By Ryan Faas
Mar 3, 2006
Yes, Apple Remote Desktop offers more than just observation and management tools. Ryan Faas gives the skinny on how non-IT Mac users and professionals can use Remote Desktop's least-known features for teaching, presentations, and collaboration.
How to Use Mail and Calendar on the iPhone
By Christopher Breen
Nov 9, 2007
Gadget guru Chris Breen offers his best tips for using Apple's Mail and Calendar apps with your iPhone.
How to Use Other Programs with Microsoft Vista
By Larry Magid, Dwight Silverman
Oct 12, 2007
Authors Larry Magid and Dwight Silverman show you how to install new programs that work with Microsoft Vista and what to do when you inevitably run into problems.
How to Work With a Project in Final Cut Express HD
By Diana Weynand
Jan 5, 2007
In this 60-minute Apple-certified lesson, you'll learn how to open the Final Cut Express HD program, identify and work with the elements of your editing project, organize those elements, and begin working within the Final Cut Express editing interface.
iLife Basics: Shooting Good Digital Snapshots and Putting Them in Your Mac
By Michael Rubin
Jun 23, 2006
This lesson will demystify the way a computer can talk to (and control) a digital camera. It will give you some basic guidelines for handling your camera and creating impressive snapshots, as well as dealing with less-than-ideal lighting and subject orientation. It will also introduce you to iPhoto, the iLife tool for moving those photographs from camera to Mac, and ultimately organizing and sharing them.
iMovie HD: Making Movies
By Jim Heid
Nov 20, 2006
Inside Numbers: How Apple Does Spreadsheets
By Ryan Faas
Nov 9, 2007
Ryan Faas tells you all about Apple’s new Numbers spreadsheet program, which is flexible and powerful enough for consumers and small businesses (and some larger businesses, too).
Introducing Word 2011
By Steve Schwartz
Mar 17, 2011
This chapter covers additional elementary features that are specific to Word, such as the Word interface, entering text, editing, proofing your work, tracking changes, and printing Word documents.
iPhoto '08's Greatest Hits
By Jim Heid
Oct 26, 2007
Apple’s new, improved iPhoto ’08 has a slew of new features that will change the way you work with photos on your Mac. Jim Heid, author of the upcoming The Macintosh iLife ’08, takes you on a tour of his favorite iPhoto improvements.
Is Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer Good Enough to Take On Adobe Illustrator?
By Matthew David
Oct 14, 2005
Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista promises a new era of rich, graphically engaging experiences. The new beta illustration tool, Expression Graphic Designer, will allow you to create content for Vista. What is interesting, however, is that Graphic Designer is being promoted as a serious professional tool that will compete against current tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Fireworks. Does Graphic Designer stand up against these power tools? Maybe.
It's Tricky: Scott Kelby's Coolest iPod Tips & Tricks
By Scott Kelby
Feb 1, 2008
Best-selling author Scott Kelby shares a few of his best tips for getting the most out of your iPod.
iWork: Apple's Alternative to Microsoft Office?
By Matthew David
Jun 10, 2005
Want an alternative to Microsoft Office? Apple thinks that it has the contender. Matthew David gives you a first-hand look at Apple's new iWork software: a presentation tool (Keynote 2) and a document design application (Pages). Does iWork cut the mustard, or is it just an imitation? Check it out.
Keynote for iOS: Updates That Presenters Will Love
By Tom Negrino
Aug 25, 2011
Tom Negrino, author of Keynote for iPad: Visual QuickStart Guide, takes us on a spin through the impressive new and updated features in Keynote for iOS that deliver more power and versatility to this mobile presentation program.
Let Visio Map Your Web Site for You
By Laurie Rowell
Mar 10, 2006
Do you need a visual map of the pages on your Web site? Laurie Rowell explains how you can use Visio 2003 to create it in minutes.
Mac OS X Server Mail Service Boot Camp, Part 2: Advanced Mailing List Features and WebMail
By Ryan Faas
Oct 13, 2006
How can you manage mailing lists from a web-based interface? Part 1 of this boot camp series explained the basic steps needed to configure Mac OS X Server as an email server. In this article, Ryan Faas continues that discussion, explaining how to enable and configure a custom web-based email client and advanced mailing list features using the MailMan and SquirrelMail tools that come bundled with Mac OS X Server.
MacWorld Expo '06: This Year's Biggest Hits
By Ryan Faas
Jan 27, 2006
This year’s only MacWorld Expo was dominated by three things: Intel Macs long before anyone expected them to be shipping, an updated version of iLife, and sales of more iPods than anyone expected— and more iPod gadgets than you could shake a stick at. Author Ryan Faas gives you his take on the biggest news and trends to come out of the Moscone Center.
Make Presentations That People Will Remember
By Garr Reynolds
Feb 8, 2008
Garr Reynolds, creator of the most popular Web site on presentation design and delivery on the net——helps you tell a story through your presentation that people won't soon forget.
Making iWeb Your Own: Creating Your Own Themes and Templates for Apple's Web Design Tool
By Ryan Faas
Aug 11, 2006
Do you like iWeb's ease of use but feel stifled by having to rely on Apple's cookie-cutter selection of themes and templates? Here's some great news: You can create your templates and themes for iWeb. Ryan Faas walks you through changing and adding to the reference files and ultimately creating your own personalized iWeb themes.

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