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Correcting Lens Distortion in Adobe Photshop CS5
Dec 12, 2010
This excerpt from Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book shows you how to adjust the lens distortion in an image of a Greek temple.
Cream of the Crop: Cropping and Resizing in Adobe Photoshop CS
Jul 14, 2006
This chapter provides step-by-step instructions for various resizing projects in Photoshop CS. Included are hints to create custom tools to resize photos in specific and useful ways.
Cream of the Crop: Cropping and Resizing in Photoshop Elements 3
Sep 16, 2005
If a chapter on cropping and resizing doesn't sound exciting, really, what does? It's sad, but a good portion of our lives is spent doing just that—cropping and resizing. Why is that? Because nothing, absolutely nothing, is ever the right size. Actually, you'll be happy to learn that there's more than just cropping and resizing in this chapter. Author Scott Kelby supersized the chapter with other cool techniques that honestly are probably a bit too cool to wind up in a chapter called "Cropping and Resizing," but it's the only place they'd fit.
Create a Flash Gallery in a Photoshop Elements 5
Jan 12, 2007
You used to need web development skills to even think about creating an online gallery. Now, thanks to the new Flash photo galleries in Photoshop Elements 5, all it takes is a few clicks. Matt Kloskowski shows you the way in a fun and easy video tutorial.
Create a Killer Black and White Photo Using Photoshop Elements 5 Video Tutorial
Nov 17, 2006
The process of turning a color photo into a beautiful black and white has been revolutionized with the introduction of Photoshop Elements 5. Matt Kloskowski shows you how to use Elements to create killer black and white photos through two short video tutorials. One video shows you the easy, one-click way to create black and whites, while the other video tutorial shows you how to get a tad more control over the conversion process.
Create a Marketing Ad Using Adobe Photoshop CS5 Types and Shapes
Aug 3, 2010
Using just the basic Photoshop software, Rafael Concepcion shows how you can manipulate the shapes and text in your designs to produce pleasing and compelling results. Learn these techniques and incorporate them into your Photoshop toolbox.
Create Art: Make Your Own Photo Background
Dec 29, 2006
If the background of your picture is getting more attention than the subjects in the foreground, try Helen Bradley's Photoshop trick for making the background more attractive and a lot less distracting.
Create Faux Reflections in Photoshop
Sep 1, 2006
Adding reflections to your photographs gives them an exciting and unexpected element. Thanks to the power of Photoshop, your reflections can be realistic—or not. If no shiny surface is handy, why not conjure up an instant pond or puddle to reflect surrounding objects? Helen Bradley shows you step-by-step how to add fun faux reflections to images with Photoshop.
Create Picture Packages in Photoshop Elements 4
Sep 8, 2006
Have you ever had an image that you wanted to make into a holiday card or duplicate for friends and relatives? In this excerpt, author Lisa Matthews shows you a quick and easy way to create a mulitple-picture layout using just one file.
Create Your Own Comic Strip with Comic Life
Mar 3, 2006
If you take a lot of pictures, you might be getting tired of the same old layouts, and chances are your relatives are getting bored looking at them, too! Bryan Hoff shows you a whole new way to show off your snapshots with Comic Life. Turn your life into a comic strip that everyone will have fun reading!
Creating a 3D Shape from a Layer in Adobe Photoshop CS5
Dec 14, 2010
This excerpt from Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book shows you how to create a 3D hat using a layer that contains the image of a brick wall.
Creating a Contact Sheet in Adobe Photoshop CS5
Dec 6, 2010
You can use a contact sheet to catalog images, such as the photos that you back up onto DVDs, for easy reference and identification. In this excerpt from Photoshop CS5 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas show you how to create a contact sheet.
Creating a Musical Photomontage with Premiere CS3: Part 1
Apr 10, 2008
In a series of three articles, Paul Ekert will use the simple premise of a musical photomontage to demonstrate core Premiere skills often overlooked by beginners and proficient users alike.
Creating a Musical Photomontage with Premiere CS3: Part 2
Apr 15, 2008
In the first article of this three-part series, Paul Ekert showed you how to automatically create a photomontage set to music using Premiere CS3. Part 2 demonstrates how to alter the scale of the images, move inaccurate markers to a better position, and trim the images to these new points.
Creating a Musical Photomontage with Premiere CS3: Part 3
Apr 30, 2008
In this third and final tutorial in his series, Paul Ekert will show you how to add a little spice to your montage. You'll also see the effective use of transitions and filters and learn how to create a Picture-in-Picture effect (PiP).
Creating a Number Tile Effect in Photoshop
Feb 14, 2003
You can create stunning and unusual type effects in Photoshop using nothing more than its standard set of features. Roger Pring demonstrates one such effect - a ceramic tile.
Creating a Panorama in Adobe Photoshop CC (2015 release)
Jun 19, 2015
Sometimes a vista is just too large for a single shot. Photoshop makes it easy to combine multiple images into a panorama so that your viewers can get the full effect. Learn how in this excerpt from Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book (2015 release).
Creating a PDF Presentation Using Adobe Photoshop CS5
Dec 6, 2010
In this excerpt from Photoshop CS5 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas show you how to create a PDF presentation that lets you easily package and send files to a client or friend.
Creating a Photo Book in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4
Aug 23, 2012
Whether it’s produced for a client or as a professional portfolio, designed as a gift or simply to preserve precious memories, a photo book makes a great way to share and showcase your images. The Book module makes it easy to design beautiful, sophisticated book layouts, and then publish them without leaving Lightroom.
Creating a Photo Composition in Photoshop 6
Jul 30, 2001
In this tutorial, Peachpit Press author Michael Baumgart shows you some of the basic techniques for working with layers and layer masks to create photo compositions for web sites.

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