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[digital] Directing - Types of Shots
Feb 28, 2003
Directing in the digital environment involves significant camera work. Dan Ablan explains what types of shots to use in different situations.
[digital] Visual Effects and Compositing: 3D for VFX
Nov 20, 2014
In 3D, anything can be created, from props and digital prosthetics to entire sets and even full 3D worlds. Jon Gress shows you how it works in this excerpt from [digital] Visual Effects and Compositing.
20 Tips for Shooting Great Video
Jun 16, 2009
20 tips for shooting great video, and four methods to transfer or capture your video to your workstation.
5 Documentary Filmmaking Tips from "American Teen"
Feb 9, 2010
Ron Dawson points out techniques used in Nanette Burstein’s award-winning film that you can apply to your own video creation.
A Cause for Integration: How to Play Music on Your Mac (and Your iPod)
Sep 8, 2006
One of the coolest things about the Mac is how it handles music, especially when using your Mac with an Apple iPod MP3 player. The seamless way these two work together is just a beautiful thing to behold (and putting together and sorting your music collection is really a lot of fun. In fact, it's so much fun that compiling your library of songs can almost become a hobby of its own). In this 20-minute lesson from best-selling author Scott Kelby, you'll learn to import music into your Mac, download music from the Internet, and create a library of music. Then, you'll organize your music into playlists and import this music into an Apple iPod MP3 player.
A Filmmaker’s Reading, Listening, and Viewing List by Norman Hollyn
Apr 19, 2012
Norman Hollyn, long-time film and music editor, writer, consultant and Professor and Editing Track Head at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, offers a list of his favorite resources for producing, directing, editing, sound, music, cinematography and production design.
A Photographer's Gear Guide for Expanding to Video
Dec 9, 2013
Are you a photographer who is interested in getting into video? Jefferson Graham, author of Video Nation: A DIY guide to planning, shooting, and sharing great video from USA Today's Talking Tech host, gets you started with a list of his favorite video gear.
A Quick "Rip" Through Digital Audio File Formats
Jul 30, 2004
Plenty of audio formats exist for storing and playing back digital music. Get the lowdown here on which format is right for you.
Adding Sound, Shockwave, and Flash Files
May 25, 2001
Dreamweaver makes it easy to insert the code for multimedia objects such as audio, video, and animation onto your pages. This article, from Dreamweaver 3: Visual QuickStart Guide, shows how you can turn your web pages into multimedia showcases.
Adding Transitions in Premiere
Feb 28, 2003
In this lesson, you'll create a short prelude to a television program about dreams, using transitions between clips, special effects, and precisely trimmed clips.
Adjusting the Layers and Creating a Track Matte in Adobe After Effects CC
May 15, 2013
Learn how to precompose layers, create the track matte, and add motion blur in Adobe After Effects CC.
Adobe After Effects 6.5 Project: Wall of Squares
Oct 14, 2005
This sample project for Adobe After Effects 6.5 focuses on animating 3D objects on a checkerboard background to creating stunning animations.
Adobe After Effects CS4: Optimize the Pipeline
Apr 9, 2009
This chapter examines how image data flows through an After Effects project in detail. That may not sound gripping until you realize how much your creativity is hampered by remaining ignorant of this stuff.
Adobe After Effects CS6 Studio Techniques for Editors: Approachable VFX for Non-Specialists
Nov 1, 2012
Too often, editors are afraid of using After Effects, because they don't aim for the more manageable and appropriate things you can do in AE. Mark Christiansen, author of Adobe After Effects CS6 Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques, shows how powerful After Effects can be when you use it to handle even commonplace tasks.
Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Classroom in a Book: Getting Ready to Edit
Sep 28, 2011
Learn how to create a project, set relevant user preferences, and configure the interface to your liking.
Adobe® After Effects® CS5 Classroom in a Book: Adding Deform Pins
Apr 17, 2010
Deform pins are the main component of the Puppet effect. This excerpt from Adobe® After Effects® CS5 Classroom in a Book shows you how to add deform pins.
Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book: Getting to Know Your Workspace
Apr 14, 2010
Get a brief tour of the Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5 video-editing workspace and learn how to customize it so it works best for you.
Advanced Movie Maker 2.0 Techniques
Apr 29, 2005
Action! Got the itch to direct your own movie? With Matthew David, you get down and dirty under the hood of Movie Maker 2. You will use many of the advanced features that will take your video and make you an Oscar contender. Well, almost.
After Effects CS4 for Windows and Macintosh: Compositions
Mar 19, 2009
This chapter also describes the fundamental process of layering footage in compositions, and in so doing, lays the groundwork for the rest of the book, which focuses largely on how to manipulate those layers.
After Effects CS4: How to Use All Those Panels
Sep 23, 2008
When you first start working with After Effects CS4, all those many panels and tools onscreen can be really intimidating. Antony Bolante provides a quick panoramic overview of the main panels, pointing out the uses for each, to help you get familiar with the interface quickly.

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