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Text and Tables in InDesign
By Anne-Marie Concepcion, David Blatner
Nov 11, 2005
Old school publication designers and production artists — the ones who remember waxers and press-on type — know that the make-or-break feature of any page layout program is how it handles type. This chapter covers the text and table options available in InDesign CS2.
Text Variables in Adobe InDesign CS3
By Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner
Feb 17, 2009
Text variables in InDesign provide a way for you to insert text that can change depending on various factors, such as times, dates, and page references. Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner discuss them here in this excerpt from their book.
Transparency: Working with Effects in Adobe InDesign CS6
By Adobe Creative Team
Jun 11, 2012
You can apply transparency by using the nine transparency effects in InDesign. This excerpt from Adobe InDesign CS6 Classroom in a Book shows you how.
By Olav Martin Kvern
Apr 6, 2001
Imperfect registration of the printing presses at your printer could ruin your documents. Let Real World Adobe Indesign 1.5 author Olav Martin Kvern show you how to trap your publications to avoid disastrous printing results.
Trapping in Adobe InDesign CS3
By Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner
Feb 19, 2009
Learn everything you need to know about trapping, a method of overlapping abutting colored objects to compensate for the imperfect registration of printing presses.
Type in Real World Adobe InDesign CS4
By Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner
Mar 24, 2009
InDesign offers a number of improvements and surprises in the area of typesetting. It’s an evolutionary product, not a revolutionary one, but, on its release, InDesign became the best desktop typesetting program, and raised the bar for its competition.
Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for Tablet Applications
By Sandee Cohen, Diane Burns
Sep 27, 2012
With InDesign and Adobe’s complementary set of tools, known as the Digital Publishing Suite, a whole new world of design and interactivity has opened up to designers and publishers everywhere. This chapter covers the Digital Publishing Suite apps, design and workflow considerations, setting up your document, interactivity and digital overlays, the Folio Builder Panel, Folio Producer, and publishing your app to a store.
Using Animation in Adobe InDesign CS5
By Claudia McCue
Nov 11, 2010
In previous versions of InDesign, the document was static; none of the page content wiggled or barked. But InDesign CS5 allows you to do so much more. Now, page content itself can be animated. Here's where the real fun begins!
Video: My Top 5 Favorite Features in Adobe InDesign (2015 release)
By Chad Chelius
Dec 4, 2015
Chad Chelius, author of Adobe InDesign CC Learn by Video (2015 release), talks about his favorite features in the latest release of Adobe InDesign, including paragraph shading, converting a table cell to a graphic cell, and Creative Cloud libraries.
Why Adobe InDesign CS6 Is Now the Best Desktop Typesetting Program
By Olav Kvern, David Blatner, Bob Bringhurst
Jul 24, 2012
In this chapter, you'll learn about InDesign’s typesetting features including character formatting, paragraph formatting, and formatting using character and paragraph styles.
Working in Color in Adobe InDesign CS3
By Sandee Cohen
Feb 5, 2009
InDesign gives you, right from the first day you use it, all the color controls you could ever wish for. Sandee Cohen shares the details of working with color in Adobe InDesign CS3.
Working with Animations in Adobe InDesign CC
By Diane Burns, Sandee Cohen
Jan 1, 2015
Even if you’ve never created any sort of video or animation, it’s easy to apply motion effects to InDesign elements. Learn how in this excerpt from Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign CC: Moving Beyond Print to Digital.
Working with Basic Text in InDesign CS2
By Sandee Cohen
Dec 9, 2005
Text is the most basic way to get information across in a visual format, and virtually all visual projects require at least some text to be informative. This chapter covers the ins and outs of working with text in InDesign CS2.
Working with Color Themes in Adobe InDesign CC (2015 release)
By Kelly Kordes Anton, John Cruise
Jun 19, 2015
To create colors that complement an image you are using in a document, you can use the InDesign Color Theme tool. This excerpt from Adobe InDesign CC Classroom in a Book (2015 release) shows you how.
Working with Frames in Adobe InDesign CS2
By Adobe Creative Team
Jun 16, 2006
InDesign frames may contain either text or graphics. As you work with frames, you’ll notice that InDesign provides a great amount of flexibility and control over your design. This chapter introduces you to working with frames in InDesign.
Working with Leading in Adobe InDesign
By Nigel French
Mar 10, 2014
Nigel French discusses leading—the space between lines of type— in this excerpt from InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign, 3rd Edition. Nigel talks about how much is enough, screen leading, auto leading, and consistency.
Working with Long Documents in Adobe InDesign CS3: Books
By Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner
Feb 21, 2009
If you break up your project into small documents, how can you ensure style consistency and proper page numbering among them? The answer is InDesign’s Book feature.
Working with Long Documents in Adobe InDesign CS3: Indexes (or Indices)
By Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner
Feb 22, 2009
Indexing a book is almost always painful and until recently, also required a large stack of note cards, highlighter pens, Post-It notes, and serious medication. Fortunately, InDesign has a built-in indexing feature, which, while it won’t make the index for you, does remove the note card and highlighter requirements.
Working with Long Documents in Adobe InDesign CS3: Table of Contents
By Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner
Feb 23, 2009
Anything you can tag with a paragraph style, you can build into a “table of contents,” which all depends entirely on your using styles. Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner show you how.
Working with Long Documents in Adobe InDesign CS4
By Adobe Creative Team
Apr 28, 2009
Learn how to work with long documents in Adobe InDesign CS4, including combining multiple InDesign documents into a book file, adding footnotes, and generating an index file and sort entries.

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