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Adding Footnotes in Adobe InDesign CS3
Feb 15, 2009
While InDesign’s footnotes don’t do everything that one could possibly want in such a feature. they’re able to handle a broad range of footnote needs. Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner show you how to work with footnotes.
Points and Paths in Adobe InDesign CS3
Feb 14, 2009
Flummoxed by the Pen Tool? Sandee Cohen shows you how to work with Points and Paths using the Pen Tool in Adobe InDesign CS3.
Getting Your Feet Wet with InDesign CS3 Templates
Feb 13, 2009
This chapter is designed to give you a complete overview of the template design process in Adobe InDesign CS3. If you’re not experienced in taking a template project from beginning to end, this is a great way to start.
Seven Principles of Great Template Design in InDesign
Feb 12, 2009
Use the seven principles covered in this chapter to guide the decisions you make throughout the template construction process. Gabriel Powell shows you how.
Moving to InDesign: Top Ten Gotchas for QuarkXPress Users
Feb 11, 2009
Here are ten solutions to the most common “gotchas” you’ll encounter.
Moving to InDesign: Building Documents
Feb 10, 2009
Learn how to build documents in InDesign, including creating, opening, and saving documents, adding, deleting, and arranging pages, creating and ppplying master pages, using grids and guides, and numbering and sectioning.
InDesign’s XML Features
Feb 9, 2009
Get a whirlwind tour of InDesign’s XML features, menus, panels, and commands. Having all this information in one place is handy for you any time you need to jog your memory concerning any of these items.
Working in Color in Adobe InDesign CS3
Feb 5, 2009
InDesign gives you, right from the first day you use it, all the color controls you could ever wish for. Sandee Cohen shares the details of working with color in Adobe InDesign CS3.
Libraries and Snippets in Adobe InDesign CS3
Feb 3, 2009
When you work with electronic page layouts, you use certain elements over and over. Rather than copying and pasting the frames from one part of the document to another, you can use InDesign’s libraries or snippets to hold the elements you use repeatedly. Sandee Cohen shows you how.
Color Management in Adobe InDesign CS3
Feb 2, 2009
This chapter covers only the most basic steps for managing color in Adobe InDesign CS3.
A Step-by-step Approach to Designing Templates in InDesign
Jan 30, 2009
This chapter walks you through each step in the template design process and forges a path toward the successful completion of any template in InDesign.
Creating an External Style Sheet in Dreamweaver CS4
Sep 23, 2008
External style sheets have many powerful advantages that make them ubiquitous in professional Web sites. In this excerpt, adapted from Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques (Peachpit Press, ISBN 0-321-56289-5), David Karlins shows the easiest way to generate style sheets in Dreamweaver.
Creating Tables in Dreamweaver CS4
Sep 23, 2008
This excerpt, adapted from Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Classroom in a Book (Peachpit Press, ISBN 0-321-57381-1), tells you why, when, and how to use tables in your site design.
Exploring the InDesign CS4 Workspace
Sep 23, 2008
The intuitive InDesign CS4 interface makes it easy to create compelling print and interactive pages. The Adobe Creative Team introduces you to working with the InDesign workspace and its various panels and tools.
Step-by-Step Guide to Designing InDesign Templates
Mar 14, 2008
Gabriel Powell walks through each step in the InDesign template design process, helping you to forge a path toward the successful completion of any template.
Nine Rules for Creating Good XML
Mar 7, 2008
HTML allows you to be a little lax, but XML is a sterner taskmaster. James J. Maivald and Cathy Palmer have come up with nine simple rules that will help you to create well-formed XML every time.
Real World Tips for Working with Text in InDesign CS3
Jan 4, 2008
Wise-cracking authors Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner take you through all of InDesign's typesetting tools, sharing real world techniques for getting your work done faster and more efficiently along the way.
How to Work With Frames In InDesign CS3
Nov 30, 2007
Let Sandee Cohen show you how to use frames in Adobe InDesign CS3 with this excerpt from her step-by-step, Visual QuickStart Guide.
InDesign for Photographers
Sep 7, 2007
If you want to have a go at designing and creating your own photography portfolio, try using InDesign CS3. Mike McHugh shows you how.
InDesign vs. Photoshop Smackdown: Who Will Be the Winner?
Aug 31, 2007
Mike McHugh shows you how to use the new Effects panel in InDesign CS3 to take care of tasks formerly reserved for Photoshop. Let the InDesign vs. Photoshop smackdown begin!

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