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Monetizing Syndicated Content with AdSense for Feeds
Oct 28, 2005
No one quite knows how to make money from syndicated content yet. AdSense for feeds is Google's experiment in monetizing content feeds delivered through RSS and other mechanisms. Eric Giguere discusses why the jury's still out on this program.
Newsletter Template Files
Jan 1, 1999
Peachpit art feb 12
One Process Fits All
Oct 5, 2001
A single, comprehensive workflow can be incorporated and adapted by all web development teams: a set of core steps that apply to all projects. One process -- the Core Process -- fits all, with a focused emphasis on the specific needs of redesign.
Online Community Handbook: Member Recruitment
Mar 26, 2009
Learn some ways that you can design your community and website to be user magnets, attracting traffic while you sit back and watch the population grow. Also learn how to run successful recruitment campaigns and how to convert casual website visitors into loyal members.
Online Game Marketing and Distribution Concerns: Retail Box, Download, or Both?
Apr 18, 2003
Jessica Mulligan and Bridgette Patrovsky, authors of "Developing Online Games: An Insider's Guide," provide an insightful, insider's view of marketing online games.
Promote Your Brand
Feb 1, 2016
Pursuing a job should be like seeking out a love relationship. You have to know what your goal is, have a strategy to reach that goal, and then execute your plan. It’s great to be wonderful, but if no one else knows your greatness, how will you ever get a design job? Find out in this chapter from Stand Out: Design a personal brand. Build a killer portfolio. Find a great design job.
Protect Yourself from Click Fraud
Oct 28, 2005
Like newspapers and magazines, Web sites display ads because advertisers pay for the use of that space. But the pay-per-click model has some troubling repercussions. Eric Giguère explains how "click fraud" is cutting into ad revenues and creating problems even for the seemingly all-powerful Google.
Search Engine Advertising: ROI Tracking Tips
Mar 26, 2004
Catherine Seda shows you how to choose a return on investment (ROI) tracking solution for your search engine ads.
Search Engine Advertising: Your Marketing Campaign Foundation
Jun 3, 2009
The authors of Search Engine Advertising show you how to build a strong marketing plan and campaign foundation using a live campaign to illustrate both the strategic and tactical elements of a search marketing campaign.
Ten Quick Ways to Improve Your Business Blog
Oct 6, 2006
Business blogs can be brilliant, bubbly, brash—but many are just boring. You need to separate your blog from the masses of text out there, get readers to notice, and keep them coming back for more. How? Follow Meryl Evans' 10 quick tips.
The Brand Flip: An Interview with Marty Neumeier
Sep 14, 2015
In this interview with Marty Neumeier, author of The Brand Flip: Why customers now run companies and how to profit from it, Marty talks about brand tribes, the onlyness test, and his favorite brand disaster story.
The Brand Flip: Tangible ↻ Immaterial
Aug 24, 2015
In this excerpt from The Brand Flip: Why customers now run companies and how to profit from it, Marty Neumeier explains that industry is undergoing a massive migration from a material-based economy to a digital one. A product becomes a symbol and the symbol becomes the product, which can offer tremendous value as a building block in a customer's personal identity.
The Brand Gap: Innovate
Jan 12, 2007
Innovation is both coveted and feared in the business world. So how can your company be innovative if security and conformity are more widely accepted? Marty Neumeier looks at common elements of innovation and offers his take on taking the road less traveled.
The Brand Gap: Why You Must Innovate
Aug 25, 2006
A combination of good strategy and poor execution is like a Ferrari with flat tires. It looks good in the specs, but fails on the street. This is the case for at least half the brand communication done today. And it’s probably the fault of execution, not strategy. Execution-- read creativity--is the most difficult part of the branding mix to control. It’s magic, not logic, that ignites passion in customers.
The Weapons: Visual Lies, Manufactured Needs
Apr 20, 2009
No longer just a product enhancement, branding became the commodity. Our ability to transmit information and products to new markets has never been less expensive or more immediate. David B. Berman looks at the state of branding and design.
Tips on Designing Newsletters
Jan 1, 1999
by Robin Williams, from The Non-Designer's Guerrilla Marketing Guide
Today's Consumer: Can We Chat?
Feb 1, 2008
Authors Kelly Mooney and Nita Rollins explain how online social networking has changed forever the way we buy, shop, and sell.
Web Ad Layout and Placement Strategies for Maximum Clickthroughs
Oct 14, 2005
Although there are no absolute rules about placing advertisements on your website and which layout options to choose, Eric Giguere gives you some general guidelines to follow to help maximize clickthroughs.
What the Web Can Do
Apr 27, 2001
This excerpt from Putting Your Small Business on the Web by Maria Langer explains how to reduce marketing costs and create a more professional business image for your company on the Web.
Your Homepage Is a 30-Second Window of Opportunity: Don't Be Shy!
May 24, 2002
Explore some of the insights from user experience testing regarding how to make the homepage as intuitive and "friendly" a space as possible.

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