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The Pro Tools Edit Window
Jan 5, 2007
This sample chapter gives you a brief overview of the Pro Tools Edit window and gets you familiar with the Edit modes and Edit tools.
The Pro Tools Edit Window
Oct 20, 2006
The majority of your time in Pro Tools will be spent in the Edit window. This sample chapter gives you a brief overview of this window and gets you familiar with the Edit modes and Edit tools.
Understanding Workflow Techniques
Jul 24, 2006
Use Flash Behaviors and ActionScripting to Control Audio Playback
Apr 14, 2006
One of the great strength of Flash is its capability to consistently and reliably play audio across a wide variety of computer platforms and environments. According to James Gonzalez, this capability might be the best reason to use Flash for projects in which sound is an important component. Read on to learn how to use Flash sound behaviors and ActionScript to control audio playback in your Flash projects.
Using iTunes to Fill Your iPod
Sep 15, 2006
To best understand what makes the iPod's world turn, you must be familiar with how it and iTunes work together to move music (and pictures, in the case of color iPods) on and off your iPod. In this article, Christopher Breen will show you just that.
Where is the Good Music on the Internet?
Aug 13, 2001
Although you are unlikely to find legitimate music from the Top 40 charts available for download, thousands of free or inexpensive legal tracks are available. You need to do a little snooping, though, to find them. This article will get you started.
Why Logic Pro X Is the Right Choice for Professional Music Production
Aug 3, 2015
Whatever your workflow, and independently of the genre of music you’re producing, Logic Pro X provides you with a vast array of tools that facilitate the metamorphosis of your idea from that initial melody in your head to the complete resulting piece of music. David Nahmani lists all the reasons you should consider using Logic Pro X for Professional Music Production.
Working in Edit View of Adobe Audition 2.0
Jun 16, 2006
In this lesson, you’ll work with a series of files in the Edit View. The Edit View allows you to view and edit audio files in a waveform display. Editing is simple with Audition’s selection tools, allowing you to cut, copy, mix and trim audio clips with precision. Effects such as Normalize, Reverb, and Stereo Field Rotate can easily be applied and also saved as favorites. The Preroll and Postroll Preview makes working with effects easier than ever.
Working with Settings, Destinations, and Actions in Compressor 3.5
Nov 24, 2009
This lesson will detail targets, which consist of settings and destinations, and it will also cover actions that Compressor can apply after processing completes.
Your Own Music Studio on Your Laptop: An Overview of Reason
Sep 30, 2005
If Reason is your first music studio, chances are the interface looks to you like a mad scientist's lab. Don't panic; this chapter will help you get your lab in order before starting to create your first monster project.
Zune Software Basics
Mar 16, 2007
Someone once said, "Behind every great man is a great woman." In the case of the Zune, a great piece of software behind the Zune helps it rise to lofty levels in the realm of digital media players. This chapter looks at the Zune software, what it can do, and how best to use it.

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